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Carbourg, NE Coast
From 95.000€

Ile de R, West Coast
From 113.000€

Saint Jean de Luz
From 165.000€

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We are a well established company, with over 18 years experience selling French leaseback property. We began business in 1988 to emphasize the advantages of investment in the French Leaseback system of property ownership, which since 1974 has been providing French retirement funds in a far safer way than the stock market could ever do. There are many tax breaks and fiscal advantages and none of the risks associated with the UK's unstable pensions industry.

"France is now #.1 in Europe for capital growth"

According to the economist of September 10, 2005, France has the fastest capital growth in Western Europe with just over 14.5%p.a. average for the whole country; it was 14.9% in the previous year, so it is considered very stable. Spain had dropped to 13.7%, the UK to 2.3% and Ireland 6.2% since 1997. Spain, the UK and Ireland had compound growth between 155% and 196% France on the other hand had grown only 56% suggesting that France has a great deal more potential in the next few years as it's growth has been far more recent, all since 2001.

Need an accountant for your French leaseback property
We recommend CLV Properties (Download .pdf)

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